This Thai Actor Became A Fansite For GOT7’s Jackson Wang

The actor went to his own schedule after!

Fansite masters are known for taking beautiful photos of their favorite K-Pop idols and sharing them online for fans of the idol to see.

A photo of GOT7’s Jackson Wang taken by a fansite master.

Recently GOT7‘s Jackson Wang performed at this year’s THE MATCH Bangkok Century Cup as part of the Fresh Air Festival at Rajamangala Stadium. Prior to the event, Jackson participated in a press conference where he answered questions and talked about how he would promote his album.

Fansite masters in Thailand were excited to take photos of Jackson for the first time in close to three years, including a very special one!

Joong Archen Aydin (also known as Chen)is known for his appearance as Ming in the Thai BL drama, 2Moons2. Joong is not only known for his acting: he is a talented model and singer!

Joong Archen Aydin | @chen_rcj/Instagram

Joong is also a very big fan of Jackson Wang or P’Jack as he is known to fans in Thailand. He even tweeted a welcome message after Jackson arrived in Thailand for his performance.

| THHeadline中泰头条/YouTube

Joong attended the press conference event not as a guest, but as a fan! Fans of both artists were very excited to spot Joong at the event despite Joong’s earlier fear he might miss it because of his own work schedule.

It seems like Joong was able to attend this event and make it back to his own work schedule in time! He later posted the photos he took of Jackson to his Twitter account.

He was also able to attend Jackson’s performance at the soccer match as a fan as well!

Jackson Wang’s appeal knows no bounds and Joong is just another victim to his charm!

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