Thai Coffee Shop Owner Going To Jail For Using Semi-Nude Girls To Promote His Shop

He could face up to 5 years in jail.

The owner of Nina Coffee Shop in Sattahip District, Thailand may be facing charges for posting a video and photos of “baristas” wearing nothing but an apron and underwear.

Prasong Sukkorn, the coffee shop boss, only thought of the idea when a model offered to pose for a photo shoot in exchange for free coffee.

When Sukkorn and the two models – Arisa Suwannawong and Minggomut “Ming” Kongsawas – were summoned by police, Sukkorn claimed the ad was meant to be sexy not “lewd or tarnishing to society”. 

However, the “script” in Arisa’s promotional video may suggest otherwise.

I’m at Nina Coffee Shop. The coffees are so delicious. The cakes are so good. They use lots of milk,” Janae said in the video. (Get it?)”

— Arisa Suwannawong

คลิปเชิญชวนลูกค้า อร่อยจัดเต็ม❗️ร้านกาแฟ แถวแยกเกษมพล อ.สัตหีบ จ.ชลบุรีCOFFEE ON DAY

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The models claimed they did the photoshoot for free to help the owner.

“‘I talked to the owner, and he said that no one comes to his coffee shop because it is far from the city, so I offered to make a video and he could share it. Ming posted in the photos.” 

— Arisa Suwannawong

The pair claimed it was no trouble since they had been on their way back from a photoshoot and still in revealing clothing.

The marketing was certainly effective in some ways. In just five hours of being posted on Facebook, it gained over 3,500 comments, 21,000 reactions, and 8,800 shares.

However, Sukkorn decided to delete the post after receiving backlash from Thai Facebook users.

“Do you have to do as much as this to promote your shop? So, do you want to open a coffee shop or a brothel?”

— Facebook user Benyapa Rungkitsataporn 

He could face a jail term of up to five years and/or a fine of up to 100,000 Thai baht (~$3,168 USD) for uploading the photos to a computer accessible by the public.

Source: The Nation and Coconuts Bangkok