Thai Girlfriend Gives Boyfriend Bouquet Made Of Thousands Of Dollars Of Cash

No one can top this Valentine’s Day gift!

A university student has surprised her boyfriend with a huge bouquet of flowers made entirely of cash – $3,100 in cash, to be exact!

The viral video was posted on Facebook and shows 20-year-old Pilaslak Puenchoke giving the 104,000 Thai baht bouquet to her boyfriend, known as “Tua”, while he’s at dinner with friends.

The money, which Pilaslak earned by selling cosmetics online, also doubled as a Valentine’s Day gift.

“The bouquet was his birthday and Valentine’s gift in one. He’d want men’s stuff, and I don’t know what to pick out for him. I saw the idea [of a money bouquet] on Instagram and wanted him to have it.” — Pilaslak Puenchoke 

Tua was completely surprised by the cash and said he would have been happy with just a birthday cake!

The video is ramping up expectations for gifts this coming Valentine’s Day, with many people jealous of such a generous present, especially since the two have been dating only one year!

Posted by ตามนั้นนะ on Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Source: Nextshark