Thai Heartthrob Actor Reveals Relationship With Actress 16 Years Older Than Him

“There is nothing terrible about an older woman and younger man being in love.”

A Thai celebrity couple is going viral for their 16-year age gap.

Thai actor Nonkul (Chanon Santinatornkul) revealed in a local interview that he is dating Aff Taksaorn, his co-star in the drama Find Yourself.

It was more surprising than the usual dating news due to their considerable age gap. Nonkul (1996) is 27-years old while Aff (1980) is 43-years old, making them 16-years apart in age.

Nonkul and Aff | GMMTV

They apparently had a “sibling-like” relationship until it naturally developed into a romantic one.

I was sick during filming, and she sent me things and even came to visit which moved me very much.

— Nonkul

There were rumors of their relationship ever since they began filming Find Yourself as the protagonists.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed that they’d show up on each other’s social media accounts, taking photos together and leaving comments such as a happy birthday greeting.

The heartthrob Thai actor clarified that while they are not officially using the labels “boyfriend and girlfriend,” their relationship is still a strong one. Nonkul added that there was nothing wrong with two consenting adults being in love.

There is nothing terrible about an older woman and younger man being in love. It’s the case regardless of age and gender too. If we understand each other, I think it is acceptable.

— Nonkul

Source: 8Days

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