Where Is She Now: The Thai Nurse Who Was So Gorgeous, Everyone Wanted To Be Her Patient

Spoiler: she’s as stunning as ever.

Pimchanok “MaypimmChumpuchai from Mueang Nan, Northern Thailand, went viral in 2017 for her stunning visuals. She gained attention for being one of the most beautiful nurses around.

Maypimm | @maypimm/Instagram

Though she tended to patients professionally, netizens wondered if she was actually a celebrity in disguise.

| @maypimm/Instagram

Six years later, Maypimm seems to have left behind her job as a nurse, at least based on her social media posts. She is now more active than ever on Instagram as an influencer.

| @maypimm/Instagram 

From having 32,000 followers on Instagram in 2017 to over 167,000 in 2023, she’s been making a name for herself this whole time.

| @maypimm/Instagram

With her large following, it’s no surprise that she is sponsored by companies such as Sprite


…and even fast food chains like Burger King.

The Thai influencer runs a fashion and beauty-focused account, often posting pictures that showcase her gorgeous visuals and impeccable style.

| @maypimm/Instagram

Her bright and girly aesthetic is loved by fans from all over the world. They often comment that she’s “the cutest” and “the most beautiful girl” around.

| @maypimm/Instagram

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Meet The Thai Nurse So Beautiful You’ll Wish You Were Injured In Her Hospital

Source: Instagram

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