Thai Pornstar Admits She Never Had Sex With 72-Year-Old Millionaire Husband, She’s Actually Lesbian

The woman who requested bank statements from those who were interested in dating her has found a date!

The former Thai pornstar, Kesarin Chaichalermpol (aka Nong Natt), who recently divorced her millionaire husband, admitted that she never had sexual relations with her ex-husband.

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Previously, she had said that they avoided having sex because she was afraid he would get a heart attack.

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She has now revealed that she couldn’t get herself to make love to her husband because she never felt that way about him.

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She referred to her feelings as to how a niece would feel towards her uncle.


She also revealed that it was her husband, and not herself, who initiated the divorce because he “felt bad for her”.

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She described how they had lived apart since the beginning of the marriage and it was almost as if the marriage was only on paper. The couple saw each other once or twice a year, according to Nat, as they were in a long-distance relationship.


The final, and arguably most shocking, thing she revealed was that she had come out as a lesbian.

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After demanding bank statements and a full profile from eligible men looking to date her, she has now found herself a girlfriend.


Her new date is a 24-year-old Vietnamese girl who is 9 years younger than Kesarin.

Apparently, her new relationship is yet another long distance relationship as she stated on her Instagram that she would have to work hard and save money to fly to her each month. She hashtagged this post #MyLittleVietnameseGirl.

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