Thailand fans give Lisa a great farewell

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa was swarmed by adoring fans in Thailand as she headed back to Korea for her schedules.

Lisa received a warm welcome recently as she returned to Thailand for the holiday vacation. But after a short time at home, she faced an even larger crowd who came to the airport to wish her tearful goodbye. Hundreds of fans flocked to the airport as Lisa’s vacation came to an end. In addition to wishing her a safe flight back to Korea, fans also took videos and photos of Lisa, who greeted them with a bright smile and great enthusiasm

Lisa has been given the title of being “Thailand’s Princess” due to her amount of fans and popularity in Thailand, and it’s been proven once again that that title is well deserved. Despite having just debuted last year, she’s already established herself a top star in her home country, with tons of adoring fans cheering her on

Check out footage of Lisa’s farewell to Thailand below:

Lisa will miss Thailand as much as Thailand will miss her.

Her popularity is breathtaking!

Fans were sad to see her leave.

Lisa will be missed!