Thailand Opens New “Death Café”… Because Cat Cafés Are So 2017

Why visit fluffy animals when you can contemplate death?

South Korea is no stranger to theme cafés. They boast an extraordinary number of fun places to go from dog cafés to raccoon cafés but are missing one very unique place!


Recently, Thailand opened up the Kid-Mai Death Café in the heart of Bangkok.


The whole place is designed with death in mind.


You can hang out with skeletons.

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Or lay in a coffin.

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Laying in the coffin for 3 minutes will result in a 20 baht ($0.64) discount on your bill.


And you can choose from a variety of themed drinks.

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Or you can choose something a little more…umm…familiar.

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The thought behind the café is for patrons to contemplate their own mortality and appreciate the life they have.

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Even though the café is a bit macabre it’s extremely popular! Maybe we can look forward to one of these popping up in South Korea too.

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Source: SoranNews