A K-Pop Idol’s Mom Has Fans Crying Over Surprise Package Sent To Birthday Cafe

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K-Pop fans know it’s tradition to visit birthday cafes for your favorite idol’s birthday; for one fandom, they received a surprise from their idol’s mom! H1-KEY Riina’s mom dropped off a sweet package at a birthday cafe, and garnered much attention from global fans.

The package contained a handwritten letter, childhood photos with captions, and a sweet treat for the fans.

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Dear M1-KEY, Hello! I am Seunghyun’s (Riina) mom. Thank you so much for celebrating Seunghyun’s birthday. I thought about what I could do to show my appreciation and although it’s a bit embarrassing, I’ve decided to write this letter.

After she was scouted at 15 years old at her school playground, I was always worried about her unclear choice and future. There was not much I could do for her as the entertainment industry was a field that I was unfamiliar with. The only thing I could do was pray for her as the years went on.

After going through some tough years, I asked her if she would like to return to studying. But every time she told me that she was happy just imagining herself singing on stage. At that time, I never knew that a moment like this would ever come. Seeing her happy while singing and dancing in front of so many people makes me proud and happy.

This was all made possible by the support of M1-KEY, who have loved and supported her. I will continue to be by her side so that she can continue to bring a positive influence through good songs. I thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for coming out to celebrate her birthday despite the bad weather. I hope that all M1-KEY will always be happy and healthy. Please continue to look out for H1-KEY! From, Seunghyun’s mom.

The childhood photos also included handwritten captions written by her mom, giving fans a bit more insight to her younger days, bringing fans and the artist closer together.

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These individually wrapped treats truly showed just how thankful her mom was for the fans.

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Netizens that saw the post were so touched by the story as well!


  • “Wow this is so heartwarming!”
  • “I’m tearing up because I can feel her mom’s love.”
  • “Aw mom…”
  • “Wow!”
  • “Her mom’s handwriting is so pretty too.”
  • “So touching.”
  • “This is truly so touching.”
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