These Talented K-Pop Fan Artists Bring Every Fan’s Fantasy To Life

There is so much beautiful fan art out on the internet, and this is a few of the most amazing pieces out there!

There is no doubt that many K-Pop fans are extremely talented, and often use their talents to show their love for their favorite groups, which has often not gone unnoticed. From digital art all the way to traditional, these art pieces are simply amazing!


Omu, from Germany, has done fan art pieces of EXO, Shinee, Monsta X and many other groups!

This digital piece of Minho from Shinee is just beautiful, and the rainbow cast on Minho’s face is just mesmerizing!
Suho looks just beautiful with these colors!
A beautiful digital painting of Jooheon from Monsta X that is just filled with emotion!
With an explosion of color in the background, Ravi looks even more amazing!
On the back of her sketchbook is an amazing pencil crayon and white acrylic drawing of T.O.P!


From Indonesia, Alex paints a lot of beautiful pieces of EXO and a variety of other artists. Often putting a bit of a darker twist in her pieces, Alex has created some incredibly stunning works.

Believing that Tao would be a Slytherin in the Harry Potter world, ohsh made this interesting and detailed painting.
Titled “Tesselate”, this other piece of Tao is just as detailed and amazing!
A beautiful piece of Nana, titled “Love and Feeling”.
All of Ohsh’s pieces seem to have a story behind them, which she mentions in the description of her pieces on DeviantArt.
“Harley Kim”


Spanish artist SXPRS, or Sara, has many pieces made of BTS. All her pieces convey light beautifully and create a strong mood, engraving her pieces into memory.

First drawing within a set, Jungkook.
Part 2 of the set, Rap Monster.
Painting of Jungkook floating gracefully.
A beautiful painting of V glowing, inspired by their most recent MV “Spring Day”.
This painting of J-Hope is just amazing!


From the US, Holly has also done some amazing pieces of EXO, BTS and quite a few other groups. Usually with traditional art, she creatively portrays her subjects in interesting and colorful surroundings.

Inspired by Studio Ghibli, Holly paints Sehun between beautiful greenery.
“Hush”, a beautiful watercolor of Suga.
“Sequester” Chanyeol
“Lucky Girl” Yeri
“Stronger” Jimin


Peruvian artist Luz Arce makes masterpieces of different girl groups, all with their very own feel!

A beautifully composed painting of Taeyeon.
A refreshing and peaceful piece of Jessica.
Appearing to be a photograph, this amazing painting of Yuri of SNSD is jaw-dropping!
Tiffany of SNSD looking like royalty!
This hyperrealistic drawing of Red Velvet‘s Yeri is captivating and unreal!


Korean artist Chelpyu seems to be a dedicated fan of NCT, creating the most beautiful and polished art of the members of NCT, specifically Taeyong!

An adorable Taeyong holding a Sponge Bob plushie!
Taeyong embracing the NCT Dream concept!
An adorable painting of Taeyong framing a star!
A heartwarming photo of NCT embracing one another with a beautiful sky
Taeyong looking rebellious in this amazing piece!

These artists put lots of time and energy into their pieces, often investing up to 22 hours into their pieces! As dedicated fans and artists, they seem extremely proud of their idols! Their work is truly inspiring!