The Funniest Tweets We Could Find Of People Waiting For BTS J-Hope’s Mixtape

BTS J-Hope has been dropping hints about his mixtape coming out sometime this year during Bon Voyage.

People are mega-excited about it, given the success of Rap Monster’s “RM” in 2015.

Suga’s mixtape under the name “Agust D” last year also completely slayed.

Plus, J-Hope’s previous “One Verse” was incredible.

Fans have even created a sweet icon on their Twitter profiles to support J-Hope.

It says “Hixtape” – a combination of “Hoseok” (J-Hope’s real name) and “mixtape”.

So without further ado, here are the funniest tweets we could find from people who just can’t wait so far.

Some thought it might come out with BTS’s 7 million twitter follower hit, and can already feel themselves growing old in anticipation.

A lot of people are just worried they’ll be sleeping when it finally drops.

No matter when anyone hears it though, it’s going to be lit.

Although it may be taking time, everyone remembers how fire “One Verse” was, so this is sure to be good (wait for the end).

This person used J-Hope’s own meme to generate some solid excitement and support.

This ARMY has perhaps discovered the secret to bringing “Hixtape” to its full potential.

And then there is this person, who got everyone really good.

Mostly though, ARMY don’t want J-Hope to feel any pressure, he should take all the time he needs.

They’re just happy to see what he’ll bring to the table next.

Until then, though, BTS has two other mixtapes mentioned above and here’s a playlist of the legendary “Cyphers”.

If that’s not enough, maybe these photos of J-Hope’s gorgeous jaw will help with the wait time?

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