10 Hottest Photos Of K-Pop’s Sexy Queen Hyosung In 2016

These ten photos of Hyosung from 2016 will make your jaw drop!

Secret‘s Hyosung is considered to be one of the most beautiful woman in the KPOP industry. Despite being quite petite in stature, her figure and soft features have made her a wonderful candidate for modeling. Hyosung has modeled for lingerie and makeup brands, and also has several other endorsements deals alongside the other members of her group  over the course of her career. Recently, her most popular photos hoot has been with Cosmopolitan magazine.

Check out the ten hottest photos of Hyosung from this year:

1) Hyosung goes against the KPOP industry norm in her Cosmopolitan photo shoot.

Hyosung showed off her amazing figure as she laid back and enjoyed the sun.

2) Hyosung doesn’t only wear pink on Wednesdays. 

hyosung modeling on steps
Hyosung looks good in any color.

3) Hyosung’s alluring look will win your heart. 

hyosung modeling next to a pool
Hyosung rocked a nude colored bathing suit.

4) Hyosung can even wear a wetsuit and look amazing in it.  

hyosung modeling in swim wear
Despite being short in height, Hyosung’s modeling ability makes up for it.

5) The summer is best spent by the pool. 

hyosung in pool
Hyosung got wet by the pool to cool down during the summer time.

6) Beautiful and classy. 

hyosung modeling in a fancy dress.
Hyosung looks like royalty.

7) Her red and bejeweled outfit compliments her figure so well. 

hyosung poses in pretty outfit
Hyosung showed off her curvy figure that she is known for.

8) Hyosung is enticing in an all black outfit. 


hyosung modeling
Hyosung showed that she looks amazing in all black.

9) Hyosung steals everyone’s heart with a sexy pose.

hyosung in bath
Hyosung hottest photos of 2016.

10) Hyosung doesn’t need to have long legs for them to be beautiful.

Even if she’s petite, Hyosung can still show off her amazing legs.