The Internet Can’t Get Enough of the Korean Girl Who Interrupted Her Father’s Interview

When Professor Robert Kelly‘s blooper on BBC‘s live broadcast went viral, the world couldn’t help but fall in love with his daughter, Marion, and now netizens just can’t get enough.

On March 16, Professor Robert Kelly, an East Asian Expert from Busan National University gave the world a glimpse into his personal life as a father. As he provided insight on Park Geun Hye‘s recent impeachment in a live interview, his two young children burst into his home office.

While the scene may have been an embarrassing moment for the professor and his family, the whole world instantly became obsessed with how sassy and confident Marion looked as she barged in.

Shortly after, the family called an official press conference to address the situation and express how they felt with how viral their “family blooper” went, and how happy they were to have been able to “bring so much laughter to so many people.”

Korean comedy show Gag Concert has since recorded a parody skit based on the incident that is set to air on March 19, while Ellen Degeneres offered a comic analysis of the video and confessed that she continues to find it funny no matter how many times she watches it.

Netizens from all over the world have also been busy expressing their love of Marion by creating fanart, memes and comical commentary about her.

Check out some hilarious tweets and adorable fan art of her below:

Source: Dispatch