The male and female members of K.A.R.D switched places, and things got awkward

K.A.R.D fans are in for a treat with the antics the members got up to in their dance practice video for “Don’t Recall.”

This fast growing rookie group has caught the attention of the entire K-Pop community with their unique duel gender group.  K.A.R.D made a huge impression both domestically and internationally and is gaining more and more fans by the minute.

It’s not just the gender difference that’s capturing attention – K.A.R.D impressed fans with member Somin’s cool vocal covers and their endearing personalities.

Recently, the K.A.R.D members decided to add more fun to their dance practice for their latest single “Don’t Recall” and switched places for the ‘DON’T RECALL’ choreography.

At first, it was just a bit awkward with some unfamiliar hip movements that were off-beat.

But it quickly devolved into total confusion.

The results are not the greatest, but it is clear they’re enjoying it, and their chemistry is amazing!

Check out the full hilarious dance practice below!