The Mannequin Challenge Has Finally Reached K-Pop

The Mannequin Challenge has been taking the internet by storm. So naturally Korean rappers San E and Cjamm joined in as well!

San E did the viral challenge during his performance at Sanji University. He later posted the video to his official Instagram account. He and his crew froze in the middle of the show while the camera moved around the stage, making it looks like the time had stopped. They paused for seconds before they unfroze and hyped up the crowd.

Netizens caught CJamm joining the challenge with some of his friends in New York on an Instagram post as well. He participated in the challenge during his Double M Tour 2016 which includes 4 major cities in North America.

The trend was started by students in America and the song “Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmurd is usually used as the background music. However, some Korean drama fans jokingly claimed that the challenge originated in one of the scenes in the series W, where the main character Kang Chul, played by Lee Jongsuk, realized that he was living in a fictional world and everything had stopped.

With this witty post on Twitter, other K-pop fans like SONEs, also claimed that their idols did it first. They screen captured the part where Girls Generation was posed like mannequins in the music video for “Gee.”

Many athletes and well-known personalities like Hillary Clinton and Ellen Degeneres have already done the challenge. It seems like fans were excited to see this new viral video craze hit the K-pop world.