This New Hairstyle Trend Is Sweeping Through K-Pop Girl Groups

It seems the newest trend among female idols is the super cute double bun hairstyle.

Idols have been sporting the look both on and off stage. A long list of female idols including Red Velvet‘s Wendy, Oh My Girl‘s Arin and TWICE‘s Momo and Sana have all been wearing this cute style.

The double bun is the latest trend to be revived from the 90’s and early 2000’s. Earlier this year Red Velvet began the famous choker trend among idols.

Take a look at some idols sporting the charming hairstyle below!

Oh My Girl Arin

Oh My Girl‘s Arin stunning dark hair, bangs, and buns complete her amazing look.

Red Velvet Wendy

Red Velvet‘s Wendy‘s double buns during their “Russian Roulette” promotions were adorable.

IOI Kim Sejong

IOI‘s Sejong looks great performing with double buns.


TWICE‘s Momo looks pretty wearing this hairstyle at fan meetings.

AOA Hyejeong

AOA‘s Hyejeong posted this sugar-sweet selfie online. The cute accessories bring a fresh new look to the popular hairstyle.


TWICE‘s Sana is cute and stylish with her grey-blue hair color and buns.

IOI Kim Nayoung

IOI‘s Nayoung youthful looks complement the adorable bun hairstyle.