The Real Reason Why Kim Ji Won Does Not Have Social Media Accounts

We respect her decision.

Actress Kim Ji Won did an interview with Cosmopolitan Korea and revealed why she chooses to abstain from SNS accounts.

“I tend to separate professional and personal life. I want the public to focus more on my dramas and the characters I play rather than myself.”

— Kim Ji Won

She rose in popularity after being in Descendants Of The Sun and most recently Fight My Way so fans must have truly wanted a way to be able to interact with her more on a personal level.

However, Kim Ji Won likes to very distinctly draw the line between professional and private.

She actually prefers when people call her by the names of the characters she played rather than her real name, Kim Ji Won.

Her answers showed how highly she regards her career and wants to keep her relationship with the public strictly at a professional level.

Source: XSports News