The Real Reason Why Seolhyun Has A Good Body

Seolhyun has one of the most beautiful bodies in all of K-Pop and here’s why.

AOA‘s Seolhyun has a figure to kill for, but she didn’t get it overnight.


For some, committing to good posture is a challenge. For Seolhyun, it’s a lifestyle. She strives to maintain good posture at all times, even when it’s uncomfortable.

When standing, she always stands tall. Good posture adds height, flattering curves, and helps Seolhyun looks even slimmer than she is already.


Even while dancing in heels, Seolhyun’s back is straight and her hips are aligned. This helps her to stay balanced and avoid injury. It also makes her too hot to handle!


Since good posture indicates strength and confidence, the way Seolhyun carries herself on stage takes her sexiness to another level.


Seolhyun also takes care of her body by eating the right foods.

In past interviews, she admitted to failing every diet she tried, including the Lemon Detox, Danish Diet, and juicing. She explained that eating what she wants helps her to lose weight, not gain it. The stress of dieting actually causes her to overeat.


Seohyun has also stressed the importance of exercise. She tries to workout whenever she can with pilates, and physical trainers.

During “Laws of the Jungle in Tonga” in 2016, she used a watermelon to do squats. She told the cast that squats have been a regular part of her exercise routine.


With good posture habits, a healthy diety, and an exercise routine, it’s no wonder why Seolhyun’s body looks so fine!

Source: Naver Entertainment and Youtube (1) and (2)
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