The “Tawawa Challenge” Has Made It to Korea

The Tawawa challenge has yielded many responses since it began and the challenge videos, ranging from sexy to hilarious, are ace.

Called “たわわチャレンジ”  in Japanese, 타와와_챌린지 in Korean, or the Tawawa Challenge in English, the trend started after an image from a one-page manga called Tawawa on Monday went viral. The image featured a girl balancing her phone on her ample chest.  

Tawawa on Monday famous scene
Tawawa on a Monday’s famous image.

The anime, based off the manga, follows the life of a large-chested girl. Though the famous scene with her balancing a cell phone on her boobs doesn’t appear in the anime, many other mishaps around her large chest occur.

Japanese netizens began posting videos of themselves trying to balance phones, small pets, books and more on their boobs. The challenge gained momentum in part due to the participation of many major bloggers and cosplayers.

“Nosa Miji” hahaha Tawawa Challenge! Hehe ✩⋆ #tawawachallenge #tawawa #challenge

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Though many videos were considered too vulgar and got taken down, the trend not only survived, but has made its way to Korea. For some, the task was too great and they ended up failing. That’s not to say that their efforts were wasted, as some of the best Tawawa Challenge videos are parodies.