[★TRENDING] The Truth Behind This Bentley And Ferrari Crash Is NOT What You Expect

On June 16th, it was reported that a Bentley rammed into a Ferrari in the Gangnam district of Seoul.

Aside from the fact that these two luxury cars are not a common sight, the woman (Lee, 28) driving the Bentley is the wife of the man (Park, 38) driving the Ferrari.

According to reports, the woman suspected that there was something going on with her husband as she had trouble reaching him. While on a drive to search for her husband, she saw his car waiting for a red light with another woman in the passenger seat. In a drunken rage, she rammed her car into his before getting out and kicking his car after the crash.

The woman was said to have a BAC of 0.115% and is currently under investigation.

See what netizens had to say here:

1. [+1,512, -12] They’re so rich that they don’t even need to go to an amusement park, they can just play bumper car in the streets

2. [+1,184, -55] What a match made in heaven. Finding a Ferrari on the streets is rare enough but the car she used to crash into it is another rare brand Bentley ㅋ and the Ferrari owner is her husband? I highly doubt it was all coincidence… she probably caught him cheating on her or had some other issues with him so she got mad and rammed her car into his.

3. [+877, -16] Korea’s top 0.1%…….

Check out some footage here:

Source: News 1 and Netizen Buzz