The8’s Time-Consuming Method For Perfect Photos Had SEVENTEEN Shook

DK had to make sure he’d heard it correctly.

As SEVENTEEN‘s resident trendsetter, The8 posts his iconic looks and stunning photos across every single form of social media, from Twitter to Instagram to Weibo. Like this designer all-black outfit paired with artsy black and white loafers.


From his stance, the lighting, and the angle of the photo, The8 never fails to get the perfect shot. How? In a game of I Dare You for Seventeen magazine, he revealed the method he uses.

When choosing truth, The8 plucked out a question that seemed to be written specifically for him. Joshua read it aloud: “How many selfies do you take a day?” As if he knew something everyone else hadn’t, DK warned The8 to answer honestly.

It wasn’t the selfies that DK had to worry about. The8 confessed that he actually doesn’t take many of them, despite what many would think. It’s the photos that he asks someone else to take of him that were the big shocker.

Rather than taking selfies, he’ll ask someone to take photos of him. To snap those perfect shots, though, he doesn’t just want a few. The8 requires “about 100” photos to get the selection he needs for choosing the perfect ones to share. As he revealed his technique, Joshua simply stared at him.

Mingyu was just as shocked, staring as well. DK’s eyes widened as he asked if that was indeed the amount taken in one single day. With a confident look on his face, The8 unashamedly nodded, confirming it was indeed true.

When taking a look at The8’s photos after knowing the method the uses, they’ll hold a different meaning. They weren’t just candid ones taken while he was walking around. They were the best of the hundred ones taken.

Looking as good as The8 in photos is definitely not as easy as he makes it seem, unless you prefer mini photoshoots. See SEVENTEEN’s surprised reactions to finding out the secret to his perfect photos here.