Everyone Should Hear The8’s Advice On The Relationship Between Artist And Fan

Truer words have never been spoken.

During an interview, SEVENTEEN‘s The8 was asked numerous questions about a variety of topics. His response to one of them struck a chord. The question was about whether or not he would do everything his fans asked of him.

He responded that he would try his best to do what he is able to. Most importantly, he stated that he and his fans should be able to focus on living their lives to the fullest.

Although he hoped to spread positivity and happiness to his fans, he made it a point that he shouldn’t be their everything. In fact, The8 believes it isn’t possible for another person to be someone’s everything.

Instead, he wants fans to become their own everything. It’s natural to care about your favorite artists and be invested in their success, but The8 is here to remind you to take care of yourself because no one will value you as much as you value yourself.


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