THE BOYZ Release Dance Practice Video to Taemin’s “Danger”

THE BOYZ have dropped their new dance practice video to Taemin’s “Danger”, and it’ll blow your mind.

Rising K-Pop sensation THE BOYZ have released their behind-the-scenes dance practice video for their most recent performance of Taemin’s solo debut song “Danger.” Performed on Mnet’s most recent episode of reality survival show Road to Kingdom, it featured strong vocals, skilled dancing, and some daring stunts. Take a look below to see the hard work put into their latest performance:

The video begins with what appears to be one of the first practices in late March nearly two months ago. It shows the progression of learning their complicated choreography to perfecting their performance of Taemin’s iconic song. Here’s the completed piece as performed during the episode last week:

Original artist Taemin even praised the performance later on the same day the episode was aired. He was heard on an Instagram Live session sharing his thoughts, complimenting everything from the song’s arrangement to how cool he found the performance to how impressed he was by the group’s teamwork.

Taemin during his May 14 Instagram Live

With only a few episodes left in the show, the remaining groups will be pulling out all the stops to make it to the finale. Competition has been fierce, and it’s anyone’s guess who will win it all and move on to the next show. Given this behind-the-scenes look at how THE BOYZ came to their most recent jaw-dropping performance, do you think they have what it takes to make it to the top?