Netizens Are Falling For “The Glory” Actress Cha Jooyoung And Her Sweet Interaction With Fans

Visuals? Personality? She’s got it all.

Recently, The Glory actress Cha Jooyoung gained much attention online for her caring personality towards fans. An online community board posted a video of her interaction with fans who came to see her during an event.

Jooyoung: How did you know and come here? What’s going on! What day is it today? Do you guys really not work?

Fan: I took a day off.

Jooyoung: can’t be like this. You must go to school and go to work!

Fan: We will after this!

Jooyoung: Ah really? Ok that’s good. But how did you know about this event and come? So happy to see you guys.

Fan: (Shows a poster they made for the event since they weren’t able to go into the event)

Jooyoung: How can you guys always prepare something like this every time. That’s crazy. Are you going to give it to me or take it home? Ah you’re going to use it again? Okay.

Fan: No we can just make another one!

Jooyoung: Ah no no it’s okay! It was great to see you guys again…

Fan: Oh yea, we’re also going to the Philippines! (They saw the news that she would be attending the ‘2023 AAA’)

Jooyoung: What kind of nonsense is this~ Why are you guys coming to the Philippines?

Fan: But we’re for real.

Jooyoung: I’ll do a live broadcast, please don’t use your money.

Fan: Ah really? (Thanks unni, don’t worry going to the Philippines was a lie.)

Even while driving away, she pulled down the window to say goodbye to the fans.

Here she is waving to us again. How can we not love her!

Netizens that saw this praised her for her visuals and personality.

  • “Wow she looks so pretty even while filming so closely.”
  • “The way she speaks is so elegant.”
  • “She’s so cute.”
  • “She’s so cute being so serious about them not working then suddenly clapping after hearing they will go after this. She’s so cute after hearing they had letters for her, too.”
  • “She’s so pretty. Her normal self is so much prettier, and her personality is lovely too.”
Source: theqoo