This Theory Of What’ll Happen To NCT Dream Is Pretty Convincing

NCT laid out all the clues.

With four members of NCT Dream nearing adulthood, signalling their eventual graduation from the unit, fans have a theory of what the future holds for them.


Since NCT as a whole doesn’t have fixed units, except for NCT 127, this theory could indeed be true or at least become true.

Fans have noticed that NCT tends to play around with the concept of reality and dream like the NCT 2018 Empathy album or NCT 127’s Regular-Irregular.

With the NCT Dream unit being named what it is, fans naturally came up with the theory that all the members could possibly debut in a new unit called NCT Reality after graduating.

With NCT Dream’s recent album We Boom having a dreamy feel while moving onto a more mature sound, it makes perfect sense. And, a lot of NCTzens can already picture it.

What do you think of NCT Reality? Are you convinced of the possibility?