Why There’ll Never Be A Boy Group Version Of NewJeans, According To Industry Insiders

“Realistically, you have to think it’s impossible to make a boy group version of NewJeans.”

K-pop has become a global phenomenon, captivating millions of fans with its infectious beats, stunning visuals, and captivating performances. Within this dynamic landscape, NewJeans, a relatively young girl group, has emerged as a force to be reckoned with, commanding attention through their distinctive music and unparalleled style.

As fans marvel at their achievements, the question inevitably arises: could there ever be a boy group version of NewJeans that achieves the same level of success?

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To shed light on this intriguing inquiry, the media has turned to industry insiders who possess invaluable knowledge and expertise. Through their perspectives, they unraveled the complexities and challenges that make replicating NewJeans’ triumphs seemingly unattainable within the realm of boy groups.

One insider, aptly labeled “Insider A,” posits a thought-provoking notion: “Realistically, you have to think it’s impossible to make a boy group version of NewJeans.” As we explore this assertion, it becomes evident that the fundamental differences between NewJeans’ musical approach and the conventional style of boy groups create a significant hurdle.

First, you have to consider how much attention a boy group can attain by making the same type of music as NewJeans. NewJeans’ music focuses on the overall harmony, but boy group’s focus on ‘Music You Can See.’

— Insider A

This stark contrast in musical philosophy, from the very inception of their careers, poses a formidable challenge for any aspiring “Men’s version of NewJeans.”


Another industry insider, labeled as “Insider B,” contributes a fresh perspective, shedding light on the current trends in the boy group arena. While girl groups have managed to captivate listeners with their diverse styles and approaches, the struggle for differentiation plagues the realm of boy groups. Insider B astutely observes that this predicament is reflected in the charts, as boy groups face difficulty in securing top spots.

NewJeans was successful because it is a group that focuses on their music and style more than their performance. It is time for boy groups to also thinking about charting new waters.

— Insider B


While the prospects of a boy group version of NewJeans may appear dim, the K-pop landscape is known for its surprising twists and reinventions. The industry continuously evolves, and only time will tell if a male group can successfully merge the enchanting harmonies and musicality of NewJeans with a fresh, tailored approach that caters to the inherent dynamics of boy groups.

Until then, fans can continue to appreciate the unmatched talents and artistry that both girl and boy groups bring to the vibrant world of K-pop, each weaving their own captivating narrative.

Source: Star News Korea


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