There’s An Actual Use For The SM Town Passports, Here’s What It Is

SMTOWN has their very own passport for their Music Nation, which is to say the fans of various SM artists!

With each passport, the fan can get their photo installed, as well as a couple of personal information to make it look a lot like a real passport.

But there’s something special about these passports besides the fact that they’re adorable collectible items from SM.

You can actually get them stamped at various SMTOWN events! Like a true passport!

For any SMTOWN related concerts and events, the staff will stamp your passport to show that you were there!

Much like how each country has their own visa stamp design, each artist has a unique stamp for themselves.

And it varies between the concert series event that you attended.

As well as the location of the tour!

It’s not just groups, but also for solo activities as well.

Each design was carefully designed as a collectible for the fans to enjoy.

And some of these designs are more than unique… it’s highly detailed!

It’s the perfect way for SM artists’ fans to remember which of the many concerts they’ve enjoyed with their idols!

Have you gotten your own SM Passport yet?

Source: Instiz