There’s now a female parody of BgA’s “Who’s It Gonna Be”

A girl group version of Ryan Higa‘s K-Pop group has been made, and they’re debut cover is perfect.

In 2016, YouTube superstar Ryan Higa, owner and personality of one of the most subscribed YouTube channels ever, created a parody K-Pop group called Boys Generally Asian (or BgA). BgA debuted that year with their massively successful single “Dong Saya Dae (똥싸야돼)” that actually hit #2 on the iTunes K-Pop Chart.

In spite of just being a K-Pop parody group, BgA actually made a comeback earlier this year with their latest song, “Who’s It Gonna Be”. Their comeback song also topped the iTunes K-Pop Chart, causing even more people to take notice of them.

Now, in a twist you couldn’t make up, YouTuber LeendaDProductions has made a parody of a parody and created their own, all-female version of BgA’s “Who’s It Gonna Be”.

LeendaDProductions’s group takes the name BAG (short for Bratty Asian Girls) and follows the same story line as the all-male version with the primary difference being that the video follows a female cast rather than a male one.

Check out LeendaDProduction’s parody of BgA’s “Who’s It Gonna Be” below: