There’s Only One BTS Member Jin Would Trade Faces With

Worldwide Handsome has very high standards.

BTS‘s Jin isn’t just handsome; he’s Worldwide Handsome. What’s the difference, you ask?

Handsome faces win contests, but Worldwide Handsome wins trophies.

“Handsome” is an adjective. Worldwide Handsome is a lifestyle!

Jin’s visuals are so magnificent that even he gets distracted by his beauty!

Every time I look in the mirror,” he said. “I’m surprised because I’m so attractive.” 

If Jin could trade faces with any of the members, who would it be? An ARMY once asked this question at a fan sign, and Jin’s response couldn’t have been more on brand.

Instead of choosing an answer from the fan’s multiple-choice list, Jin crossed them all out. There’s only one member he would trade faces with, and it’s himself!

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