There’s Something TWICE Tzuyu Does Better Than Anyone Else

Once you see it, you’ll never be able to unsee it.

Is there anyone that can resist TWICE‘s maknae?


Tzuyu‘s got amazing dance moves…

A sweet voice…


A very kind heart…


And visuals for days!


It seems impossible to take your eyes off of her!

Which may be why netizens have noticed something particularly unusual about her posture!

tzuyu 2

Netizens have noticed this special quirk of Tzuyu’s and can’t get over it.

tzuyu 11


Because no matter what Tzuyu is doing, whether it’s attending a ball game…

Meeting fans at a signing event…

tzuyu 13


Or even just sitting in bed…

tzuyu 7

Tzuyu’s got perfect posture!

While it may not seem particularly jaw-dropping at first, the more you see how Tzuyu keeps her back straight the more impressed you’ll be!

tzuyu 9


You’ll start to wonder how she’s doing it…

tzuyu 8

And if that’s really as easy as she makes it seem…


Then you might even start thinking of ways to get your own posture looking just like Tzuyu’s!

tzuyu 10

Netizens just can’t get over her impeccable posture and are marveling at her incredibly regal air.

tzuyu 6

  • “She’s not even influenced to slouch when she’s sitting.”

  • “Tzuyu has everything… Pretty face, good posture ㅜㅜㅜ Tzuyu is so cute. I’m a girl but I find her lovely.”

  • “I am put into shame because I have terrible posture.”

  • “Tzuyu’s always absolutely gorgeous and elegant. It’s like she’s a princess from Taiwan.”


So we can just add this to the list of reasons to love Tzuyu, right?

. . .