There’s Two Types Of Artists: BTS’s Jungkook Or Suga

Find out which one you might be.

When it comes to standing on stage, all the members of BTS can unite to show their beautiful synergy as a group. Give them tools to make their own individual art? Their different colors will be able to shine through more clearly.

That’s what happened in a clip from their BTS Summer Package that’s captured fans’ interest. Seeing the different ways Jungkook and Suga went about completing their artwork showed just what kind of artists they are.

As soon as Jungkook started, he seemed to have a vision for what he was making. To make sure reality would match up with his concept, he slowly outlined what he wanted, editing all the small details. Leaning forward for a closer look, Jungkook didn’t want to miss a single thing.

Jungkook was so determined to fulfill his vision that he spent a good chunk of time working on it, focusing all his energy on the screen. They even had to speed up the footage of him finishing it. While Jungkook wanted everything to be nearly perfect, Suga was a different type of artist entirely.

After getting set up and taking his seat, Suga picked up the digital pen and jumped right into it, writing his name in big letters. Relaxing in his position, far from the screen, Suga was as calm as usual. He wasn’t worried about a thing as he worked on his piece.

Far quicker than Jungkook had, Suga finished his piece as fast as he’d sat down. With his name and Saipan written in both English and Korean, he topped it off with three hearts. Satisfied with what he’d done, Suga smiled warmly and hopped out of his seat.

The complete difference in styles had ARMYs loving how distinct they were, poking good-natured fun at their boys. The time and detail Jungkook took versus the essence which Suga captured were amusing to see side by side.

Whether you’re a Jungkook who executes their vision down to every detail or a Suga who only needs to get the feel of it, all that matters is your joy in the completed piece. See both of them working on their artsy pieces here.