These 10+ Pictures Prove Why Everyone Is Obsessing Over This Rookie

MOMOLAND‘s Yeonwoo is catching eyes and stealing hearts with her sexy-cute charms!


1. Yeonwoo in Overalls


During this photo shoot, Yeonwoo wowed her fans with denim overalls. Fans are going nuts over her bod!


2. Yeonwoo in Headbands

Yeonwoo wears all kinds of things on her head! She looks adorable in whatever she puts on.


3. Yeonwoo with a Gun


Yeonwoo’s got a gun! She looks like she just jumped out of a game.


4. Yeonwoo with a Different Gun

Yeonwoo knows how to aim right at our hearts!


5. Yeonwoo on Stage


Yeonwoo glows when she’s on stage. She is sexy, fierce, and absolutely beautiful.


Fans have been mesmerized by Yeonwoo’s slim but glam figure!


6. Yeonwoo with Hair Tied

Sometimes Yeonwoo pulls off a different do. And when she does, it melts hearts all over again!


7. Yeonwoo in Yellow


Of all the colors, Yeonwoo really rocks yellow.


8. Yeonwoo Being Yeonwoo


Yeonwoo has an adorable personality. When not in her sexy-goddess-stage mode, she makes her fans fall for her in a whole other way.


9. Yeonwoo from the Past


Even before she debuted, Yeonwoo was a unique face. She’s also hardly aged at all!


Yeonwoo’s yearbook picture left fans speechless.


All eyes on Yeonwoo!

Source: Fiddle