These 26 hi-res photos of TWICE’s Sana prove she’s the visual you’ve been waiting for

Despite there being so many beautiful female idols, TWICE‘s Sana has been recognized by fans as one of the top rookie visuals in the industry right now. 

And while the JYP Entertainment singer has always been noticeably pretty, her latest hair color has definitely brought her more attention. In fact, while many female idols have tried rocking blonde hair, fans are convinced that Sana’s new look has been one of the best in recent history.

sana 1

sana 2

sana 3

sana 4

sana 5

sana 6

sana 7

sana 8

sana 9

sana 10

sana 11

sana 12

sana 13

sana 14

sana 15

sana 16

sana 17

sana 18

sana 19

sana 20

sana 21

sana 22

sana 23

Source: Instiz