These 4 K-Pop Groups Are The Most Popular In Japan

K-Pop is still thriving in Japan, and here are four groups who are so loved that they even rank among the top twenty most popular acts among young adults in the country. 


BIGBANG is so popular in Japan that even individual members can hold solo dome concerts. The YG Entertainment group was ranked the 12th-most popular artist among Japanese teenagers and 10th among Japanese listeners in their twenties, making them the most popular Korean act in Japan.

2. SHINee

SHINee has consistently proven to be a force in Japan. One of the few Korean acts who can easily sell out a dome concert, SHINee came in as the 16th-most popular artist among Japanese teenagers and 15th among those in their twenties.


TWICE hasn’t even made their debut in Japan yet, but they’re already the most popular K-Pop group among young adults in Japan. With three Japanese members, as well as a slew of addicting songs, TWICE ranked 19th among Japanese teenagers and 20th among those in their twenties. They’re the only K-Pop girl group to make the top twenty for either age group.

4. BTS

BTS made a splash into the Japanese industry recently, and fans just can’t get enough! As one of the most popular K-Pop groups in Korea and internationally, BTS came in at 20th among all artists for Japanese teens.

Source: MLB Park