These 82 year old Grandpas Are The Hottest Rappers In Japan Right Now

Meet the Rishiri Boys, a hip-hop group from Japan with an average age of 82.

Mainstream groups boast youthful members, but the Rishiri boys are part of a movement in Japan that is doing the opposite.

The 3 live on Rishiri island north of Japan, and their songs often reflect the pride they have for their home.

The group made their own music videos and were even invited to perform at the popular fashion show, Sapporo Collection 2017.

The Rishiri Boys are not alone at all, as several elderly music groups have appeared in recent years.

Others include Ji-Pop, Obachaaan, and KGB84 an idol group from Okinawa, who have an average age of 84.

While these guys might be getting on in years, it’s clear that their spirit is as young as ever.

Check out their full video below!

Source: Rocketnews24

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