These Actresses Hate Getting Tanned So Much That They Use Extreme Protection

Long exposure to UV rays from the sun can be extremely damaging to the skin, so these Chinese actresses have figured out their own extreme ways to avoid the sun.

1. Fan Bing Bing

Fan Bing Bing likes to take shade under a huge umbrella as it keeps her cool and protects her skin from the sun.

She’s also often seen with a sun visor, and sometimes she even completely masks her face, neck, and arms with a protective layer of clothing.

2. Yang Mi

During filming, Yang Mi likes to put on layers of sunscreen while reading over her script.

3. Liu Tao

Liu Tao is famous for her porcelain white skin. She makes sure she has an umbrella with her at all times so that she has protection from the sun, even at night!

While the sun may not be out during the night, there are still UV rays present in low intensity.

4. Coulee Nazha

Coulee Nazha carries around a spray-on sunscreen with her at all times. Throughout the day, she’ll spray her face, neck, and arms at least 10 times.

5. Dilraba Dilmurat

During the summer, Dilraba likes to protect her skin by wearing oversized, full-length coats that cover her skin from the sun. Even when it’s sizzling hot, she never forgets to wear these long coats.

6. Zhao Liying

Zhao Liying has an emergency cloth with her when her manager or stylist isn’t present.

During filming schedules outside, she covers herself up completely from head to toe with the emergency cloth to avoid the harmful UV rays.