These Are The Funniest Idol Gifs Ever Created According To Koreans

These gifs of K-pop idols are so hilarious that even non-fans save them onto their phones.

The great thing about gifs is that they could capture some of the most memorable funniest moments. The majority of the funniest gifs are of K-pop idols tripping, getting tricked, being weird selves, or derping. Many netizens have gathered an amount of gifs and agreed that these are several of the most funniest idol gifs they have saved.

Check out the gifs below!

Yuri tricked Yeri into thinking that Sooyoung was the one who kept on tapping her head. (Look carefully, she was tricked twice!) Yeri was so CONFUSED.

This gif of Yoona‘s fake bangs flying will forever be legendary.

High heels could be quite deadly.

The struggle is real for Rap Monster.

“Bang! Bang!”

You could just feel the second-hand embarrassment…

Bora couldn’t hold in her laughter when she saw what happened to Soyou. She definitely “liked that.”

How to steal the spotlight in the speed of light.



How to steal your friend’s food by BEAST‘s Doojoon.

You spin my head right round, right round.

If you get too turnt up like Seungkwan, you may just end up falling down.

Dino: Joshua Hyung, I can’t carry you any longer…

Oh my…

When you’re trying to look sexy, but forgot that you’re in a hot tub full of boiling water.

Leader Sunggyu was so respectful towards maknae Sungjong. Maknae on top!

It looks like he did the “nae nae” while falling down

Sehun politely bowing to Chanyeol.

Which ones of these gifs were your favorite? Share some of your favorite hilarious gifs in the comments below!