These Are The Top 10 Most Popular K-Drama OSTs Of All Time

These ten drama OSTs have become so popular that they’ve gained millions of views each.

Songs from Original Sound Tracks, also known as OSTs, have definitely become an important part of dramas in the recent years. As they become increasingly more popular among K-Drama viewers, music videos created with scenes from the dramas are gaining millions and millions of views.

In fact, popular OSTs are even covered by musicians around the world, and some even go on to win awards. Although there have been many popular OSTs, ten have stood out for having gained millions of views on YouTube from fans all over the world.

1. Chanyeol and Punch – “Stay With Me”

Goblin – 49 million views


2. Chen x Punch – “Everytime”

Descendants of the Sun – 46 million views


3. Yoonmirae – “Always I”

Descendants of the Sun – 38 million view


4. DAVICHI – “This Love”

Descendants of the Sun – 36 million views

5. K.will – “Talk Love”

Descendants of the Sun – 34 million views

6. Gummy – “You Are My Everything”

Descendants of the Sun – 34 million views

7. Baekhyun – “Beautiful”

EXO Next Door – 27 million views

8. Crush – “Beautiful”

Goblin – 27 million views

9. Chen, Baekhyun, and Xiumin – “For You”

Moon Lovers – Scarlet Heart: Ryeo – 23 million views

10. Mad Clown and Kim Na Young – “Once Again”

Descendants of the Sun