These Are The TOP 3 Idols With The Best Aegyo on Weekly Idol

MBC’s Weekly Idol has had a lot of idols on the show (many, more than once) so, when it comes to aegyo, they’ve seen it all and these are their top three picks for best aegyo.

Adorable aegyo is something fans live for, especially with their bias. It’s what makes being a K-Pop fan a million times better.

MBC’s variety show Weekly Idol recently revealed which guests had shown the best aegyo on their show as a special treat for their 300th episode and whether you agree or not, these are some truly adorable examples of aegyo.

These are the idols whose aegyo landed them in the top three:

1. Girls‘ Generation’s Yoona

Yoona’s smile is so charming and cute!
Yoona’s killer aegyo that she shared with everyone on Weekly Idol. It may have been tongue-in-cheek, but that makes it, arguably, even more adorable.
Yoona is known for her aegyo outside of the show too. How can that pouty expression not make fans squeal from cuteness?

2. SHINee‘s Onew

Onew shows off his true aegyo by giving all of his fans a big heart.
His sweet smile is what wins over fans, no one can resist a smile like his.
His aegyo shows itself even while he’s eating!

3. Lovelyz’s Kei

Kei unveiling her most adorable aegyo to her fans.
Too cute!
Even simply reaching out to the crowd, Kei is super adorable.

Can’t get enough of their aegyo? Watch their Weekly Idol clips below: