These are the Trendiest Songs of 2016

There have been some fantastic songs form various artists in the K-pop world, but there are a few that have truly stood out this year.

This year Gallup Korea, a specialized research company, contacted over 10,000 people to find out which songs were the trendiest of 2016. Some songs, despite their age and genre, are still very prevalent in Korean society today.

10. GFRIEND – “Navillera” &  Gummy – “Moonlight Drawn By Clouds”

Starting off with number 1o on the list is GFRIEND’s “Navillera,”  which was released on July 10th. The MV has garnered roughly 25 million views. The song topped the Gaon Digital Chart and won them 14 music show awards.

Gummy’s “Moonlight Drawn By Clouds” also tied for 10th place.  As an OST for the very popular drama Love in the Moonlight, the song was able to capture the romantic relationship between the two protagonists.

8. Gummy – “You Are My Everything” & Lim Chang Jung – “Soju Hanjan”

Showing up on the list once again is the OST Queen of 2016, Gummy, with her song “You Are My Everything.” This time around, Gummy lends her amazing vocals as part 4 of the Descendents of the Sun OST. “You Are My Everything” proved to be a killer, as it quickly topped the charts on its release and comfortably stayed on top for quite some time earlier this year.

Tying for 8th is Lim Chang Jung’s 2003 classic”Soju Hanjan” (A Glass of Soju). With Lim Chang Jung’s release of his 13th full album I’M, it’s no wonder his older songs have also made a comeback. Not to mention, this is a crowd favorite when singing at noraebang.

7. Lee Sun Hee – “Fate”

At number 7 is Korea’s one and only “National Diva,” Lee Sun Hee, with her song “Fate” from the 2005 OST for King and the Clown.

5. Jang Yun Jung – “First Marriage” & Jin Sung – “At Andong Station”

Jang Yun Jung’s popularity is no joke as her 2010 single, “First Marriage,” comes in at number 5. This is quite an impressive feat considering she’s a trot singer.

Another legend that has made the list is Jin Sung with his song “At Andong Station.”  Though this song is quite an oldie, it is still a hit among Koreans.

4. Lim Chang Jung – “Love Again”

Once again, Lim Chang Jung shows up on the list at number 4 with his song “Love Again.” Though this song was officially released on September 21st, 2015, it’s impact has been so great that the song is still quite the hit even in 2016.

3. TWICE – “TT”

At number 3 is none other than TWICE’s catchy song, “TT.” Released on October 23rd, “TT” has become quite the hit, with almost 89 million views in 3 short months.

2. TWICE – “Cheer Up”

It wouldn’t be a proper list without 2016’s song of the year, “Cheer Up” by TWICE. From the initial release of the song in April, this song has been everywhere. With both “TT” and “Cheer Up” becoming huge successes, TWICE has been able to cement themselves in the industry.

1. Lim Chang Jung – “The Love That I Committed”

Topping off the list is Lim Chang Jung’s “The Love That I Committed.”  After the release of his album, I’M, on September 5th,”The Love That I Committed” topped all 8 music charts, achieving a certified all-kill. With his previous two songs, “Soju Hanjan” and “Love Again,” also on this list, it’s safe to say 2016 has definitely been the year of the legendary Lim Chang Jung.