These flipbook K-Pop music videos are perfect for learning choreography

K-Pop choreography videos are popular among fans, and some fans have even gone as far as create their own unique content to help others learn the dances for their favorite songs.

Using flipbook animation, Youtube channel SeoulMates has been recreating popular K-pop choreography with hand-drawn illustrations of the idols. With how long it takes to create stop-motion videos, the channel’s creations are sometimes understandably short and only cover the main point dance in the songs. The artists have created some full versions of their works, including their recent rendition of BTS‘s “Blood Sweat & Tears,” which already has over 1.5 million views.

The creators of these beautiful flipbook animation videos have been praised for not only being able to capture the choreography of the songs, but also for perfectly recreating the idols in their sketches, paying close attention to details such as their hairstyles and outfits. K-Pop fans have been recognized for their amazing artistic talents in the past, with some labels such as SM Entertainment even hold competitions to find some of the best artistic talents among K-Pop fans.

Take a look at some of the channel’s amazing creations below:

SEVENTEEN – “Boom Boom”


BTS – “Blood Sweat & Tears”


Red Velvet – “Russian Roulette”


GOT7 – “Hard Carry”




NCT 127 – “Firetruck”


ASTRO – “Hide & Seek”


Taemin – “DRIP DROP” and “Press Your Number”