These Idols are Masters of Fanservice on Instagram

There are many idols that are very active on Instagram as they use it as a way to communicate with fans.

However, some idols use Instagram better than others. It’s a really good platform to perform fanservice, and these 5 idols are especially good at that.

B.A.P’s Daehyun

Daehyun usually writes “I love you” or “baby” to fans at the end of his posts. He also posts an update at least once a day.


BTOB’s Peniel

Peniel proudly shows his positivity and happiness with his fans. He also has meet and greets with fans and posts the photos or videos on his account.

Winners of today’s meet and greet! 오늘 밋앤그릿 당첨자 분들!

A photo posted by Peniel Shin (@btobpeniel) on


BLOCK B’s Park Kyung

This recent post from Park Kyung shows him with some of his fans. They all seem so excited to be able to meet Park Kyung.

벌들과 함께하는 봉사활동!~!

A photo posted by KYUNG PARK (@qkrrud78) on

Girl’s Day Hyeri

Hyeri showed off her cute side to fans during some down time for ad and magazine shoots! She also posts adorable selfies that are sure to drive fans crazy.

광고 촬영 중이예요 #알바몬

A photo posted by 혜리 (@hyeri_0609) on


f(x)’s Amber

f(x)’s Amber always shows off her humor and her cuteness. Her selfies and videos are so interesting that it’s hard not to keep coming back for more.

Lalalalala~ 라라라랄~

A photo posted by Amber J. Liu (@ajol_llama) on

These idols know exactly how to interact with their fans. Check out the rest of their posts and you won’t be able to stop until you’ve seen every update.