These Idols Prefer Staying At Home During Their Time Off

Everyone loves staying home at least once in a while, but these idols tend to enjoy lounging around a little bit more than usual.

While some idols have hobbies that include venturing out into the world, others are entirely happy to stay home. Of course, as idols with lots to do in the world, who can blame them for staying home when they can?

These six idols are known as homebodies and tend to stay at home as much as they can.

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon is one idol who prefer to stay home. While at home, she enjoys painting her nails, drawing, building legos, and cell phone games. Taeyeon will spend days in her home if allowed to and fellow members Yoona says when she comes out she looks “like a ghost in a dark house.

Taeyeon is busy putting together a Mike Wazowski lego set.


D.O. has such a calm personality, it’s no surprise he likes being home. It’s not hard to see him relaxing at home in his free time. What might be surprising is how much he enjoys cooking at home for himself and the other EXO members!

D.O. streamed some home cooking tips he uses.

Red Velvet Irene

When Irene is home, she relaxes by doing housework. The rest of Red Velvet have nicknamed her “mom” because of her motherly tendencies as a leader. Irene’s specialties are doing laundry and ironing clothes.

Irene demonstrates her technique for ironing on Laundry Day.

miss A Suzy

Suzy enjoys being home, especially amidst a busy schedule. When Suzy is home, she spends as much time as she can just laying about the house. During the day, she will watch TV nonstop with some delivery food, or she might invite her friends over to her house to spend time together.

Suzy shows off her relaxation style of eating and watching TV!

Girl’s Day Hyeri

Hyeri is less interested in going out and more interested in staying inside. When she has time off from her busy schedule, Hyeri does end up going out with her groupmates. However, Yura explained that Hyeri would much rather be home than out in the world, even referring to Hyeri as her “exhausted sister.”

Hyeri might ask to get take out next time.

Girl’s Day Minah

Minah prefers to stay home too. While Minah is charismatic on stage, at home she is much more relaxed. Minah prefers to lay on the couch and watch TV or play solitaire while at home. She doesn’t even want to walk around the house when she’s home; she likes having a nesting area with anything she needs within an arm’s reach!

Minah is prepared to stay on her comfy couch all day.

Source: Dispatch