These Male Idols’ Aegyo Will Make You Cringe

Fans usually love aegyo, but watching these idols is just too awkward.

Most, if not all of our favorite idols have been asked on at least one occasion to show their best aegyo. While fans love to see their idols act cute, the idols may dread having to do it, resulting in a pretty awkward moment. Here are idols who have performed some of the most cringe-worthy aegyo in recent K-pop history.

1. EXO‘s D.O

First up is a member of EXO who can often be seen with an expressionless face. Clearly, aegyo would be a very difficult challenge for him. But on an episode of Running Man, D.O faced one of the biggest challenges of his life when he had to act cute in order to answer a quiz question.

2. Teen Top

Next up is Teen Top, whose members themselves have said that they cannot act cute. Of course, this leads to many awkward aegyo moments, but this “aegyo parade” is definitely in the Top 3.


Now the best place to look for some of the best aegyo moments is definitely Weekly Idol, where virtually every idol who’s featured on the show will be asked to act cute. For example, here is INFINITE trying their best to do the classic, “I dreamed of a ghost” aegyo in the cutest way possible. The MCs are definitely not easy to please.

4. Monsta X‘s Jooheon

Lastly, this male idol is an expert at imitating baby voices while making adorable expressions and will not hesitate to show it off. Even though his aegyo can be cringe-worthy, you gotta give Monsta X’s Jooheon credit for fully committing to his aegyo. Check out some of his best moments.