These two handsome idols love making derpy faces

They’re usually both renowned for their handsome visuals, but these two idols have a habit of making the derp-iest of faces.

BTOB‘s Sungjae and BTS‘s V are both considered incredibly good looking, but fans have noticed that both idols love to make weird faces in order to look quite the opposite of handsome.

The 95-line duo have been friends for years, and are both well known for their great senses of humor, so it’s no wonder they both like to mess around like this!

Check out these hilarious pictures of V and Sungjae making their weirdest faces:


V is a huge fan of the derp face!

He even manages to make it look cute.


V loves to pull silly faces!

His derp face is really popular with his loyal fans.

He’s certainly not shy about being goofy!

Even like this, he still looks cute!

Just look at that face!

BTOB Sungjae

Sungjae is also a fan of making silly faces!

Even like this, his fans still adore him!

He’s not worried about his fans seeing him like this!

How is it even possible to make this face?

His hilarious personality shines through his expressions.

He’s always making his fans laugh!