These Two Korean Volleyball Hunks Are So Good Looking You’ll Go Mad

Volleyball players Kim Yohan and Moon Sung Min are taking Korea by storm off the court with their unbelievably perfect visuals.

Actors and idols definitely take the cake when it comes to looking good doing what they do best but Korean professional volleyball players Kim Yohan and Moon Sung Min are stealing the hearts of Korean women with not only their athletic talent but their killer looks as well.

Check out photos of what Koreans are calling the “Ulzzang Volley Ball Boys” on and off the court below

Kim Yohan 

Born in 1985 this guy has the look of an idol and the aura of maturity that is just pure sexy

Kim YoHan
Just look at that killer jawline…

Kim yohan2
For a professional athlete, a chiseled body is a given

He looks like an actor filming a sports movie..

By far the best looking volley ball player I’ve ever seen

Moon Sung Min

Born in 1986, this 30 year old boasts an ever youthful look and looks cute and sexy at the same time

moon sung
*pout* this game’s turning out harder than I thought it would

There’s nothing sexier than a gorgeous volleyball player giving it all on the court

Outside of the court, this man looks even more gorgeous >_<