These Videos Prove Actor Gong Yoo is the King of Fan Service

Actor Gong Yoo proves he is the king of fan service with adorable back hugs and subtle winks.

Gong Yoo’s popularity has been on the rise once again. After the success of his international hit movie Train to Busan and new tvN drama Goblin, the actor has won over a new legion of fans.

At a recent screening of Gong Yoo’s new movie The Age of Shadow the cast were briefly interviewed before the movie. Gong Yoo’s popularity was obvious as many fans screamed in excitement over the actor’s introduction. As many fans were filming the event Gong Yoo adorably noticed one fan focusing only on him and winked to the fan.

Gong Yoo seemed surprised after fans began winking back, blushing in front of the crowd. It seems Gong Yoo was surprised fans noticed his subtle wink.

This wasn’t the first time Gong Yoo has shown amazing fan service. Gong Yoo often holds regular fan signing and answers any question his fans ask.

During the red carpet event for The Age of Shadow, fans were asked on stage to interact with their actor of choice. Gong Yoo and his fan were challenged to perform a romantic back hug scene. Gong Yoo initiated a short embrace with this fan before she shied away.

On KBS‘s Entertainment Weekly segment, Guerrilla Date, Gong Yoo surprised fans on the street. During his appearance, Gong Yoo gave a charming answer after a young fan asked how will he announce his marriage plans. The actor answered, saying he would contact his fans sites first so they can announce his marriage.

Take a look at Gong Yoo’s full appearance on Guerrilla Date below.

Gong Yoo continues his amazing fan service at fan signings and premieres. During a recent fan signing, the actor held onto a fan’s hand during their conversation and didn’t let go until they had taken enough photos.

While Gong Yoo’s fan seemed shy after holding his hand, Gong Yoo didn’t seem finished showing his fan affection with his subtle gesture.

Gong Yoo’s is way too amazing with his adorable fan service.