These Videos Show What It’s Like To See Park Bo Gum Right In Front Of Your Eyes

While it’s expected for actors to look perfect on screen and in photoshoots, these fan taken videos show how truly attractive Park Bo Gum is.

The 23 year old actor is widely renowned for his visuals, and it’s no wonder why when he is never seen looking anything less than flawless – even when he’s caught off guard.

His visuals are flawless from every angle and even straight off of a plane he looks perfect.

Even unaware and from a distance, the actor proves why his visuals are considered top-level.

Just look at that smile!

Even crowded by fans, he looks nothing less than gorgeous.


There really is no catching him from a bad angle!

Even when he’s being shy, there’s no denying his handsomeness.

It’s not just in videos, either! Check out these stunning pictures that fans have captured of him in the moment.

What a handsome guy!
He could pass for a model!
If only we could all look this good caught off guard!
He certainly doesn’t need any editing to look good.
Fans caught this photo of him looking like he’d just stepped out from a movie scene!