There Is A Thing Called “Idol Water” And It Works Wonders With Reducing Puffiness

It’s a simple but useful recipe.

On a recent episode of Next Beauty Creators, K-Pop’s most beloved fashion stylist Han Hye Yeon and f(x)‘s Luna discussed idol groups’ beauty tricks that are useful for everyday.


Han Hye Yeon and Luna discussed the latest popular hack among K-Pop idols, at least the ones who suffer chronic “puffiness” or that natural swelling of the face in the morning or with fatigue, and it’s called the wondrous “Idol Water” recipe.


Han Hye Yeon shared that she was offered this “Idol Water” when she was at a hair salon. She explained that the hair salons now provide this drink to K-Pop idols who come in to their shops to get their hair done, to help with getting rid of their early morning swelling. She then explained that it was simply green tea brewed in water, with a bit of sugar added.


Luna also added that she has heard about this hack too. According to Luna, a lot of models also find this recipe useful when they have to lose weight quickly. Luna mentioned that, with this magical “Idol Water”, the puffiness is reduced noticeably within 10-20 minutes.


In fact, actor Park Bo Gum, KARD‘s Somin, vocalist Jang Jane, along with several other K-Pop idols  have also mentioned this recipe. Han Hye Yeon playfully exclaimed to her staff that she should be drinking the “Idol Water” all day, every day – but netizens pointed out that it should be taken in moderation at one cup a day because otherwise the sugar content could be too much.


Watch the full clip below: