Things Got Too Hot To Handle For THE BOYZ’s Juyeon And Younghoon In Recent Live Broadcast

“Juyeon got a taste of hell and left.”

THE BOYZ‘s Younghoon held a live broadcast on March 29 to catch up with fans, and things definitely got spicy when he and Juyeon took on a special challenge, and not just because of their incredible visuals. It got so spicy, in fact, that even Younghoon couldn’t handle it!

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Younghoon is known for having a high tolerance for spicy things. In a live broadcast from a couple of years ago, for example, Sunwoo and Jacob set out to do the ‘one chip challenge.’ They tried to see who could go the longest without drinking anything, and while the two of them faced a serious struggle, Younghoon was practically unbothered.


Jacob couldn’t stop coughing, even as he struggled to tell the others it was bad to cough while eating, and Sunwoo barely even managed to laugh at him.

Sunwoo had to dab his eyes at one point, hilariously saying that the one chip challenge is good for relieving stress.

But Younghoon was unbothered to the end. Yet it seems like he may have finally met his match, however, in the latest one chip challenge he took on. This time, during the live broadcast he held on March 29, the chips he bought were so spicy that Younghoon’s suffering began almost straight away.


In fact, even after spending several minutes drinking water and chocolate milk to soothe the burn, Younghoon was forced to get up and urgently leave the room. And hilariously, viewers could still hear him yelping on the other side of the closed door.

Eventually, Juyeon came in. As usual, he immediately had fans reeling with his incredible barefaced visuals…

…but pretty soon he was also feeling the burn after Younghoon made him try the chips.

In fact, he was feeling it so much that he started pacing around restlessly…before he was also hilariously forced to run out of the room.


It took him a good few minutes to come back, and when he did it seemed like he’d managed to calm down the burn. He had the cutest snack with him, which he showed to the camera amid Younghoon’s agonized coughing.

Younghoon later offered him more chips, but Juyeon did the smart thing and declined.

Fans couldn’t get over how Younghoon and Juyeon handled this particular round of the one chip challenge. Not only did Younghoon finally come across chips that were able to defeat his already impressive level of tolerance, but Juyeon barely even managed to suffer through one small piece before he had to make his emergency exit!

According to Younghoon and the others, leader Sangyeon is another member with a really high tolerance for spicy things. Now that Younghoon has found his limit, it would be fun to see how he does going up against Sangyeon!

Source: VLIVE